This deceptively simple sound meditation will bring you all the way to the source of consciousness, if you allow it. The key is to drop your front-loading and allow a fresh experience to unfold...

hearing Free Meditation: Allowing Sound to Be As It Is


As a habit, we experience sound through a series of filters: what sound is, what it isnt, what it means, what it doesn’t mean, etc.

We make a conscious choice right now to drop these, and discover what happens.

To begin, find a place where you can sit, and allow your spine to be supported. Let go of everything else and relax.

Bring all of your awareness to the sound around you right now. Notice it, and allow it to be as it is.

Just allow yourself to relax into that and see what happens.

If the mind becomes distracted at any point, don’t push the distraction away or pull it in: instead simply allow it to be, as well, and gently bring awareness back to sound, allowing sound to be exactly as it is.

Practice for at least 10-15 minutes.



What did you experience during this meditation?

What did you experience in your body?

Please share what you observed in your own experience below.

One of my most important jobs at the beginning of the workshops is getting people to let go and make sound for no reason at all, because we need to tone and make sound in other creative ways to facilitate the transformation that occurs in these workshops.

Right here, right now, it’s been my job to invite you to let go, relax, and allow something new to happen in meditation.

So that new possibilities can begin to reveal themselves.

“We habitually experience sound through a series of filters: what sound is, what it isnt, what it means, what it doesn’t mean, etc.”

We also do this with life.

As a community, together, we are consciously dropping these filters, and seeing what happens.

We are returning to the direct, unmediated experience of life.

We are closing the gap, and cutting out the middleman.

This isn’t allowing as in to say yes or no to something external – like would you like to purchase this product or that one - it is allowing as in to say yes or no to something internal.

Something that life is offering up from within.

It’s saying yes to what life is/was before we filtered it.

Before we changed it into something that it is not.

In a world where we are filtering life more than ever, both externally and internally, through iphones, televisions, computers, etc., the discovery we are sharing here is more critical than ever.

The extreme filtering of the modern world increases the gap between our personal experience on the theatre of human affairs, and the direct experience of life as it is.

Our birthright

As a community, we are creating a conversation about the embodied process, through the embodied process.

Together, we are returning to the laboratory of direct experience.

The only laboratory that tells the truth.

The only laboratory that was not contrived by humans as self fulfilling prophecies for their own agendas.

The only laboratory that was here before humans came on the stage.

The laboratory of direct experience is where we cut out the middleman, close the gap, and return to our birthright.

Please post your experience with Allowing Sound to Be As It Is in the public thread Allowing Sound to Be As It Is.

Take a moment to read through other participants' experiences with Allowing Sound to Be As It Is. What conversations, what dialogues arise naturally as you read the report of peoples' experience with Allowing Sound to Be As It Is? 

What patterns do you see emerge?

Post your response in the public thread Dialogue on Allowing Sound to Be As It Is.

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