Our experience has been given to us as a tool by which to find balance in the universe we find ourselves in: to discover this balance for ourselves, through process, and then walk and live from that. 

Noone can do this for us, because it is part of the function of the organism to self-equilibrate. Not equilibrate; self-equilibrate.

If this natural process is interrupted in any way, the danger is that the organism may never arrive at this balance. The danger is that we may walk into the constructed universe, this theatre, this shared universe of the human reality where we are pressured into agreeing upon what is “real”, and pressured to live inside of it -  and never leave it. 

Our birthright is to return to reality which is prior to this construction. Real, not “real”. 

This birthright is a freedom not given by governments, schools, corporations, or any of the self-concepts they sell in the name of freedom.

This freedom which is our birthright cannot be taken away, and it cannot be sold.

The reality of a vibratory universe which is infinitely more than the experienced structure of this human universe is a freedom which is indestructible, and invincible, in a fashion grounded and simple. 

This reality simply does not leave space for war, confusion, hate, fear, control, bigotry, sexism, racism, suffering, and all of the other by-products of the paradigm embodied by becoming lost in an illusion handed to us, inherited, and then never finding our way out of it. 

If you took the online workshop: remember the time when you were an infant, looking up into an adults’ eyes, and sound was just sound?

Can you experience life as it is?

Thus studying the nature of experience, and becoming clear on precisely how it is wisdom to mistrust it, and how it is wisdom to trust it, liberates us from the tyranny of abstracted outside authorities, which has kept the human species in bondage for literally thousands of years. It is the most fundamental revolution you can give your heart over to, and one which cannot be quelled or silenced, and one which is truly sustainable in its transformative power. 

Even if bodies are killed, this birthright of freedom cannot be taken away. That is radical sustainability.

It is why I sometimes like to call this work “the re-wilding of consciousness”. You can imagine vibrant green vines metaphorically growing over abandoned structures: out of great cracks in the road, young trees emerge which will rise to tower over what once seemed “real”, what once seemed “inevitable” and “habit” in this theatre. At the level of consciousness, we are allowing all of the buildings, all of the concrete, all of the constructions, all of it, to crumble. And the wisdom and vitality of nature is giving rise to new life in the space they use to occupy. 

What do we want to create? 

Thus this study of experience must be a somatic process. The direct experience, and our mediations thereof, are analogous to sound as it is, and our constructed experience of sound. 

The study of the “direct” in direct experience is the essence of this laboratory. 

The way of learning they gave us in grade school will not take us across this ocean. That way of learning was itself a by-product of the theatre set we are now recycling. It will only reinforce it, it cannot get at that which is prior to itself. 

As we engage with the laboratory of direct experience, the laboratory given to us by nature herself, balance returns organically. Nature rights herself, and we are of her nature.

Humans do not need to control this planet, and they do not need to control their own consciousness, to realize their full potential. In fact, the precise opposite is true. 

Every moment is a new opportunity to realize the freedom that is already here. When we let go of control over our own consciousness, the flowers of profound wisdom rise up in the garden, displaying a whole new possibility for human kind, and a whole new creative vision for what it means to be human. 


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