No one asked my permission to be de facto ambassador to the constructed human universe. 

I did not want to bring dollars in to nature. Others have made that and many other choices presumably “on my behalf”, but I did not give consent. 

When did they ask my permission to be de facto accomplice? 


Scientifically, the dynamical activity of the universe has been described as self-organizing. 

Our brains spike 2000% in activity when we sleep, meditate, or otherwise enter the resting state. Not when we think “hard” consciously. 

As an expert in creative process and vibratory process, I can say without a doubt that the creative process is well described by this scientific metaphor: 5% conscious intention married to 95% the activity of the universe in a subtle, complex, intimate, and ultimately mystical relationship. 

A dance. An interactivity. 

Our intention to re-envision our world in the image of the wisdom of nature as it arises in the moment is thus a revolution in our subtle creative process, as well as a dive into the unknown - from “I” (actor on stage) forming an image (“I” am superman, famous, the BEST, etc.) and enacting it on the field, front loading the field, so to speak - to same stage as unfolding grounds, or laboratory, or dance floor - as context for an organic unfoldment which happens, which is not “done”. 

Thus signal chain, or order of operations = 

Attention is placed upon true north —> creative imagination becomes aligned with true north —> vibratory emanation becomes aligned with true north —> universe is organically remade in that image by life itself, by its spontaneous creative dance, as the vibrational patterns created by the energy of true north become more alive in the field, and reorganize the field in ecstatic creative collaboration with it

Along the way there is discovery, learning, pain, heartache, joy, folly, wisdom, and everything in between. All have been reported by humans as the report of their own laboratory of direct experience at some point in history, so all must be a part of the complete spectrum of what it is possible for humans to experience on this journey. 

What does all of this point towards? 

All points towards the wisdom in a willingness to embrace the unknown, to boldly set the intention, and then dance forward with what unfolds. Not to look for an entitled, static life like we were told was our birthright.

Just as we were told that we are free because we are given a choice between Macy’s and Target. 

And that the government gave us this freedom, when true freedom is a birthright existing long before the government that has commodified it, objectified it, reified it, and sold it back to us. 

And convinced us to participate in their psychological virtual reality in the process.

Instead we realize the ecstatic, vibrationally resonant life which is our birthright in the span of eternity. From vibration we arose, and to it we return - to eternal life as the echo of our lifestream - an echo of the bell of our existence, ringing in eternity, untouched by the reified fantasy of the self-glorified front-loading of the world (1).

When our attention leaves this psychological virtual reality, even for an instance, the entire universe transforms. 

When our attention leaves it, even for an instant, only what is true about it remains, if we choose to return. 

This truth is the echo of its’ bell, just as we talked about the echo of your bell a moment ago

It is the echo of the true self which faithfully remains, the psyhcological virtual reality not-withstanding, transcendant of the front-loading of the world, untouched. 

The echo of the psychological VR, left upon eternity, creates an interval with the echo your field leaves upon eternity, like music. 

No matter what hapens, you can never be prevented from harmonizing in relation to it, on the level of eternity, which is the only “real” level anyways (2).

Thus, the superficial appearance of the psychological VR is very much impotent.

And, as Sara said to Jared in The Labyrinth, we may say rightly to the psychological VR: “You have no power over me”.

No matter how wierdly the psychological virtual reality modulates in front of us, we are always just an energetic shift away from vibrational harmony in relation to it, at the level of eternity, and this vibrational shift can instantaneously turn poison into medicine, hands down. 

In this is infinite freedom, which no gun or weapon will ever take away. 

Stand tall, my friend, and know who you are. Let your attention remain courageously centered upon your true north vibrationally, and know that that music will change the world. 

It is (the psychological VR), in essence, only a miniscule memory of a brainwave at that point, which faded instantaneously once the organism stopped perpetuating it in their consciousness (as the true modes of production of our world), and thus in the Field. 

(2) If you have any doubts about this, please refer to “The truth about Aether Waves”, which proves it scientifically.

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