Thus what is imprinted in the Aether field is the vibrational geometries emanated by “our” field as we think, speak, move, feel, and otherwise enact our human lifestream. What we participate in at the level of consciousness, we reiterate or reinforce in the system, scientifically speaking. Consciousness is the true modes of production of our world - and we are each of us in our hearts remaking the world in our image, in every moment. 

This is occurring at the subtle level of creative imagination which imagines our lifestream into being. It is not the conscious sliver at the surface we are “pavlov-ianly” trained to pay overemphasized attention towards. 

The only question is: are we going to remake the world in “our own image” - as in to enforce a projection energetically, as in to front-load a little bubble in the Field on the human world’s behalf, just as it did upon our own field - or are we going to remake it as in to allow life to self-organize itself through us in this moment. A co-participation that is “Do with me what you will, life” as our attention is focused upon true north. 

True north is a vibrational phenomenon, not a concept. It is a metaphor for the true potential of the system for radical and dynamical coherencing. It is a metaphor for your true potential to be a field of vibrational unfoldment which radically transforms the universe. To become the music of life in an even deeper way than you already are.

Your attention anchors the creative process. Allow this intention to penetrate to the subtle level of creative imagination mentioned above, to that which imagines your lifestream into being. The field will naturally self-organize around this intention, for this is the nature of the universe (1). 

When your attention is placed upon true north, what happens? Try it, and see, right now, in your own laboratory of direct experience. 

Literally, sit down for some time, anchor your attention upon true north, vibrationally, let go, and see what happens.

What does the universe want to create through you? 

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(1) The creative principle is: whatever gesture at the level of consciousness we enact in each moment, that is the true imprint we leave at the level of eternity.


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