What is true north, scientifically speaking?

True north is the highest coherencing of the system (1), the fragrance of the highest calling of our soul. 

What this looks like is not the grandiose expectations and front-loading of the world -  but the brilliant radiance of life itself, speaking through us.

When I say grandiose expectations and front-loading of the world, let me give you an example - have you ever had those moments when you secretly imagined you were the MOST successful in your field, the MOST sexy woman alive, the MOST masculine man, the MOST of anything, and then felt what that felt like as you imagined this, often in vivid detail? And of course, as you felt it, you manifested it, you attracted that energy to you. 

Where does this come from inside of us?

Is it part of our instrinsic spirit, or the front-loading of the world? 

Not that to imagine we are successful, alive, etc. is not healthy; it is in fact the most healthy use of our creative imagination on that level. 

But it becomes colored by everything we hold in consciousness simultaneously at the moment of imagination, even if these are held unconsciously. And so we must bring these elements to conscious awareness, if we are to manifest successfully at a deeper level

If we are simultaneously enacting a subtle pleasure in being better than others, of being the best in that way, and the ego validation that delivers - on the level of the unconscious mind - if the feeling state is one of triumph over others, triumph over life, rather than triumph of life through our form and lifestream - that pattern, that feeling state, is reinforced in the Field, as well. 

We literally make it more alive in the universe, and it colors the manifestation process. 

The universe listens to our feeling states, and our consciosuness, in its’ entirety, not just the small sliver represented by the conscious mind. 

This imprint then becomes a part of our total vibratory imprint (2), which enters the field like a stone dropped in a river, inevitably changing the river’s flow, sometimes subtly, sometimes drastically, sometimes immediately, and sometimes over the long span of time (3). 

“Triumph of life through our form” is thus inevitably a listening, a deep listening to life itself, and then a becoming of that. It is the creative wisdom of life, having come alive inside us, because of our willingness to become the instrument of its’ music. 

To miss even a moment of it is a heartbreak to a devotee. 

A devotee to what? 

To life itself. 

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(1) In unique dynamical systems language, the verb of the system organically discovering higher and higher patterns of organization in its’ holographic and self-organizing field of quantum potentials. (Read the scientific text which coins and unveils this phenomenon.)
 See “The truth regarding Aether waves”.
 Also: often it is the geometries of these stones which change the flow more than their size. 


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