I’d like to share with you some really important things that I think everyone should understand about Aether waves. Aether waves “break” the rules of physics as we "know" them... I’d like to share with you some really important things that I think everyone should understand about Aether waves.1

Aether waves “break” the rules of physics as we "know" them.

They move at a billion times the speed of light.

And they don’t decay.

Now let me explain why this is significant.

When you speak, the sound of your voice decays, or fades away, by the time you finish your sentence. This is because sound vibrations move particularly fast.

All vibrations decay, or at least this is what we've believed up to this point, just as it is believed that nothing moves faster than the speed of light.

Just as we once believed that the earth was flat.

Aether waves do not decay. Every emotion you’ve ever felt, every thought you’ve ever had, every action you’ve every taken, every word you’ve ever spoken has left a vibratory imprint in the bandwidth of Aether waves.

These waves have propagated outwards at a billion times the speed of light.

Since they do not decay, they are still out there, and they will always be out there, even after you and everything you hold dear has faded.

In the Aether field is a permanent record of everything that has ever existed or occured in this universe.

They say that we do not leave anything behind.

They did not know about Aether waves.

We do not leave behind our houses. We do not leave behind our bodies. We do not leave behind anything solid or material: they all fall apart and decay.

But we do leave behind a vibratory imprint in each and every moment: our love, our hate, what we focus on, our intention, the way we move, etc. all play a role in forming this vibratory imprint.

In other words, everything we create with our consciousness in turn creates a vibratory imprint, and this lives on forever in the Aether field.

The single most important thing we can do is to steward our consciousness, and the vibration that we leave behind. This vibratory imprint will have more impact upon the actual unfoldment of the universe than history, ideas, celebrity, fame, and everything else that we have been taught to believe is "influential" and "important" from the human centered perspective of the world.

This human centered world will die and decay. This planet will die and decay, as well.

The vibratory imprint we leave behind in the Aether field will not.

Many of the spiritual traditions talk about the Akashic record, an angel who holds a scroll listing the deeds of every being, or some variation of this theme.

There is a profound scientific reality behind the beliefs of these traditions.

Karma is, in my humble opinion, quite scientific. We each have a subtle intuition, deep down inside of our subconscious mind, of everything we have ever done or been from the beginning of time.

We are aware of this, subconsciously, through our natural, organic contact with the Aether field.


This is not because the universe is a spiritual guilt trip.

Rather, it is because we are the universe.

This is not something we can realize with the intellect.

It is something we realize energetically, vibrationally, with every layer of our being.

It is at the level of the subtle vibrational communication between the universe and ourselves that this occurs: that we come into complete, profound harmony with the universe.

We literally become the universe.

Paradoxically, we already are the universe at the level of material phenomena. The invitation is to become the universe in a completely different, and even more profound way: at the level of consciousness and vibration.

As mentioned before, we cannot think ourselves into this.

The world has taught us that we can think our way into anything.

True freedom is fundamentally beyond thought.

Many have tried to think themselves into perfect and profound harmony with the universe, and while it may help in some ways, it is only by undergoing a deep process that brings one's energy body into perfect, profound harmony with the universe, including Aether waves, that this may be achieved.

The Aether waves are our window into the vibratory imprint we have left at the level of deep time, since they are the only phenomena we know of presently which does not decay.

From this understanding, the emphasis on selfless service and love in so many of the worlds’ traditions makes sense at a scientific level: the moment we take action out of selfless service and love, our vibratory imprint in the Aether field, as it has been recorded throughout time, begins to harmonize accordingly.

Meditation, chi gung, yoga, and other spiritual practices also effect this vibrational "turnaround". They all move the energy body towards the profound harmony which is its ultimate destiny and birthright.

When the masters spoke about the possibility of escaping the wheel of karma, they weren’t joking.

We, too, can do this, and the key is inside our own consciousness.

In the Fresh Ears work, I talk about the "cognitive turnaround", which is a mirror at the level of cognition and consciousness of this larger universal phenomenon. When the cognitive turnaround occurs, the vibrational turnaround mentioned above occurs simultaneously.

Fresh Ears is a tool; often deceptively simple, it is a powerful and scientifically designed one that helps to transform consciousness and vibration in the ways talked about in this blog.

Thank you for listening.


Dr. Ishtaya
1. Also known as torsion waves.
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