People say that communication is 95% body language.

In fact, from my own personal observation and study of it, communication is 100% vibrational.

While we are talking, interacting, and doing our human thing, which we are taught to take so seriously, a vibrational communication or transaction is occuring, all of the time, even when we are silent, and even when we are not speaking to one other.

Try it. Pay attention to this in your day to day life for the next week or so, and see what you discover. Remember, whenever you can, to bring attention to the vibrational transaction or communication occuring simultaneously with the words whenever you communicate with a group of people, or with an individual. 

While our world unfolds, with the entire theatre of human history center stage, at least in terms of human attention, this vibrational communication unfolds on a larger scale, as well.

On a more fundamental scale: the universal scale.

The question is:

Is this vibrational comunication more "true", more fundamental than the words, concepts, and ideas involved with "human communication"?

And to take it one step further:

If two people walk away from each other, having spoken words of love but having transmitted vibrations of hate, or vice versa, what is the truth of these situations?

In some sense, these are philosophical questions, with many different degrees or dimensionalities of truth to each side, which we could explore for a long time without exhausting the subject, if we wished to pursue that.

However, there is a scientific answer, as well. If you read my blog "The truth about Aether waves", it reveals this answer, and illustrates how communication is 100% vibrational, scientifically speaking.
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