Already nature has given us a vision of what we can become if we pay attention to the creative possibilities being revealed to us right now. All around the world, pollution levels are plummeting as humans stay home. In Venice, the canals all of a sudden glow with a natural luminosity that betrays the seemingly unstoppable momentum of "human progress" since the industrial revolution.

Perhaps this planet can regenerate more quickly than we realize, if we just creatively allow the human lifestyle to transform at its core. Perhaps we can heal more quickly than we realize, as well, if we do the same.

Every year, the creative energy of the universe arises as new forms of virus, bacteria, and other earth-based micro-organisms - some of these are "helpful", some are "harmful" in relation to the human organism - the human organism in turn responds, creatively adapting to these new configurations of vibrational expression in its biological transformation process, a process that is ever unfolding.

The only difference between these other micro-organisms and COVID-19 is the degree of change COVID-19 represents in the creative field of manifestation in earth-based biology as it relates to the human organism.

We are each of us being asked to stretch further than usual, to become the instrument of the creative process of the universe more deeply, to become the instrument of the unfolding music of our biology more deeply.

We already know how to do this, it's just more intense this time. It's like we've been practicing a piece of music, and now it is time for the performance.

As above, so below. As within, so without. Challenge yourself to become the home, the space for new configurations of vibrational expression to live within you - inside yourself, and inside your life - new codes, new patterns, new music, new life, a new dance, however you want to say it, the words do not matter. What matters is the living reality of it.

Fear is the epitome of a creative process frozen. Thaw fear and let the river which rises from it's ashes water a new garden, a new earth, a new heart. Love is an infinitely creative process which can stretch and embrace everything, which does stretch and embrace everything, changing with it all the time. 

I wish you all strength, and patience, and courage of the kind which makes creative genius' of all of us. We can do this. Ashay.

Spring, 2020
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